The Gypsy Jazz/Klezmer/Clown Soundscape of The World of Gilda Sue

When we first conceived of a movie for Gilda Sue, I knew that I wanted Charles Williams of The Bonaventure Quartet to do our soundtrack. I’ve long admired his original gypsy jazz tunes and the rotating roster of terrific musicians in the band. How could one not be inspired by Amy Pike’s velvety vocals?

Alas, we didn’t have the budget for an original soundtrack. But luckily for us, the group had already recorded so many wonderful tunes. We are so fortunate to feature songs from both Lost and Found at the Clermont Lounge and The Secret Seduction of the Grand Pompadour. They fit so perfectly into Gilda Sue’s world, it’s almost as if the tunes were composed just for us, after all. Their “World’s Greatest Lover” accompanies the film’s opening credits.

In addition, we have some incredibly beautiful tunes from Congregation Bet Haverim’s Merkavah Project led by another talented pal, Will Robertson. The traditional sacred music and Klezmer dance tunes from the albums Fire Flashing Up and Wheels Within Wheels give depth to the aural landscape of our story.

Simon Magus’s Villa 9 Studios provide a few tunes that add an element of the delightfully creepy  to Gilda Sue’s decidedly spookier moments.

What good is a movie without a catchy pop song smack dab in the middle of it? No good. That’s why we put in a rollickingly little number by Eliot Bronson and the erstwhile pop duo The Brilliant Inventions that’s even better than Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head!

And bouncing over the top of all the shenanigans are a couple of delightfully rollicking circus clown numbers from Swedish composer Hakan Eriksson.

We recommend you watch our film with the volume way up so you can be sure to enjoy the wonderful work of these great musical artists!