Tom Roche Joins Team Gilda! (I know!)

Happy New Year, lovelies!

2011 already rocks! The big news is the addition of respected film editor and Irishman, Tom Roche to Team Gilda!

This means he’ll be editing Mean Mama Dog‘s movie about my life! Y’all, this is real real exciting! This man is the real damn deal. He makes movies all by himself (Alley Pat: The Music is Recorded, which rocks), but also with others like Harry Shearer, that guy from Spinal Tap and The Simpsons. (Be sure to see their film, The Big Uneasy, when you can. It’s about Hurricane Katrina, and though it’s nowhere near as funny as Spinal Tap or The Simpsons, it’s still super duper good.) Tom regularly hangs out with cartoon characters and rock stars, so he ought to feel right at home on The Computer Internet Show. I AM a little curious (and I’ll admit to being a smidge worried) about his referring to me as his “guinea pig,” but I’ve been called way worse, for sure.

So, welcome to Tom! We’re tickled pink to have you on board!


P.S. Folks: We still need a little bit of cash for this project, and when I say “a little bit of cash,” I mean BUNCHES of cash. So, If you can help out with that, click here!

Thanks a ton!

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