"Well, Ping my Pong!" Or "Get Your Tuches to Church!"


I recently got myself invited to a party at the now super-famous Sister Louisa’s Church of the Living Room and Ping Pong Emporium. Let me be the first (or nine hundredth?) to tell you how hard that place rocks.

So hard that I totally left feeling like a natural woman.

Here’s a photo of me feeling like a natural woman. Y’all, they have karaoke. (I KNOW!) 

A nice half Jewish gal like me never felt so close to Jesus! I mean, he was damn everywhere, y’all. Pictures of him and words of encouragement cover all of the walls. Mama’s First Baptist Church Twice Removed was remiss. They never taught me any of this stuff in Sunday School! And Rabbi Spiderman never told me that Jesus loves country girls, although, if I’d ever really thought about it, I suppose it would have been obvious. 

Here I am basking in the glow with Marcus Calloway! (Spiritual Sangria helps with the glow part. And the basking part, too, come to think of it. Real-real.)

Apparently, the folks from that Sort-of-Cartoon/Sort-of-Not-Cartoon Network were throwing this soiree, and they were super good hosts, but really and truly, those people are meshuge! In a good way. Tons of fun. My only regret was that I didn’t get to meet the actual Sister herself.

Anyway, as the good sister loves to say, “Get yer tuches to Church!” (Or something like that.) Do it. You won’t be sorry. And maybe I’ll see you there!


Gilda Sue