Y’all, join me at Jerry Farber’s Side Door in Atlanta Wednesday, November 30th.

Well, you won’t be REALLY joining me, as you will be at a table and I will be on the stage. But, come on! It’ll be fun. Comedy, music, cocktails. What else are you going to do next Wednesday? Watch American Horror Story? Don’t you have a DVR? Oy!

OK, so I’ll see you there! 8 PM. $5! Bring pals.


P.S. Jerry’s is located behind the Buckhead Landmark Diner. 3652 Roswell Rd NW (Corner of Piedmont and Roswell.)



Here’s something new and different!

Starting September 7th, I’ll be appearing LIVE every other Wednesday night at Jerry Farber’s Side Door in Atlanta. 8:30 PM, and it’s just $5! God really wants you to be there. And by “God,” of course, I mean Woden, the Great Norse God of Wednesdays.

So mark your calenders, cause it’s totally gonna damn ROCK! I’ll be sharing the stage with all kinds of great entertainment, not the least of which is Jerry Farber, himself (when he’s in town). But musicians, comics, clowns, Indian Chiefs. . .Who knows!? 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of every month. (We’ll deal with that 5th Wednesday when we get there. Oy!)

Jerry Farber’s Side Door is at the corner of Roswell Rd and Piedmont, and it’s behind The Landmark Diner which is real-real special because when you walk in, you are somehow immediately transported to Astoria, Queens in New York. It probably has something to do with the tower of layer cakes at the entrance. This diner is owned by Greek folks who totally know how to bake some desserts, but they have loads of other kinds of food, too. My bobeshi would love it! She loves Greeks, in general, really, much to my Zeyde’s chagrin.

I’ll bet they even have Drambuie. (They’d better!) Anyway, come check it out. We’re gonna have so much fun, and you should be a part of it! Bring pals!


-Gilda Sue