Hello, Lovelies! Let me take this opportunity to give what I love to call a “shout out” to my favorite little bar here in town. It’s a neighborhood gathering place, a great date place, and a family place. It’s called Bitch! and I’d like to highlight some of their most popular specialty drinks.

Chocolate Cake Shot
Y’all, this is just Frangelico and your favorite Citron Vodka mixed into a shot glass. Apparently, you drink it and immediately suck on a sugar coated lemon, and it’s supposed to taste just like chocolate cake. Does that make any sense to you? Of course not.

The Turkey and Dressing Martini
This is actually a Rosenstern family recipe that I passed along to Jacob, my favorite Bitch! barkeep. It’s equal parts Drambuie and Wild Turkey with a splash of cranberry juice. Shake it vigorously and pour it into a salt rimmed glass, garnished with a crispy crouton. This is the creation of which my bobeshi is most proud, and no Rosenstern family Thanksgiving dinner would be complete without the incomprehensibly excruciating hangover this yummy cocktail assures will accompany you at the mall the following day!

The Pork Chop and Applesauce
Finally, a drink to make with that organic, bacon-infused vodka Gomez gave me on my birthday! Shake it up with a splash of apple juice and serve it on the rocks in a mustard rimmed glass.

The Italian Stallion
This is Nunzia’s favorite cocktail, and look out if she’s embeveraging. She shakes tomato vodka with 2 fresh picked basil leaves, and pours it into a chilled martini glass rimmed in minced garlic. Don’t forget the grated parmesan sprinkle. “Katie, bar the door!”

Over Easy Tini
Wake up to a classic breakfast protein drink. This is basically a Mimosa with a splash of Drambuie, served in a chilled, egg yolk rimmed martini glass, and finished with a bacon bit sprinkle. Good Morning, Starshine!

Shake some of these up yourself, and let me know how they go over at your next shin-dig!

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