Pickle of the Half-Jew

Hello, Lovelies!

What a rockin’ Fat Tuesday! We decided to extend the party through what we love to call Ass Wednesday, Double Chin Thursday, and Artery Clogged Friday. But, apparently, I’m late for Lent. I thought about maybe just passing on it all together. We’re having so much fun, you know. Or perhaps, being half-Christian, I can get away with doing a half-Lent, in which case, I can keep partying until around the Spring Equinox. I’ll make up for it at Yom Kippur, I suppose, when I’ll have to not only give up some stuff, but also Afflict My Soul, in accordance with Jewish tradition. What to do? Well, it’s 9 AM, and I really should hit the hay. I’ll sleep on it and see what counsel old Morpheus gives. Nighty-night, y’all! See you tomorrow. Let’s make it the best Cellulite Satur– Zzzzz. . . .

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