This Boat Has a Motor, Y’all, and Her Name is Arma Benoit!

Y’all, 2011 just keeps getting better! The movie about my life now has a producer, and she rocks! Her name is Armadillo. No, really, I swear. And even if she had no experience making movies, I’d have brought her on board based solely on her rockin’ name. (Do y’all know how many different types of armadillos there are? I mean, look ’em up! Check out that picture of the Pink Fairy Armadillo. Luckily, ours is the magical Nine-Banded Armadillo. Probably.) But even though her name would’ve been enough for me, the bonus is that this armadillo does actually know what she’s doing, and she’s done it before. We have a back story, Arma and I do, it’s true. I met her years ago at Bitch!, but we sort of fell out of touch. When we found each other again, she was a big shot film professional and I was a computer Internet sensation, and the rest is about to be history, y’all. And Groundhog Day is just around the corner! Isn’t the armadillo just a female groundhog? How super appropriate. You can see more of Arma’s handiwork if you watch the TV. She coordinates the Art Department for that show about teen vamps, The Vampire Diaries. (I KNOW!)
Welcome to Team Gilda, Arma. We’re tickled pink to have you on board!

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