Gilda Sue, Strip Trivia Champeen!

Hello, Lovelies.

Folks have been asking how the rest of the run of Lake Tar Monkey Summertime Theater Repertory Company Under The Stars But Not WITH The Stars, We Don’t Have That Much Money (YET!)’s A Streetcar Named Desire turned out. I apologize for not updating y’all on that, but really and truly the whole thing was a bust. Being an actor is exhausting, frustrating, and could leave a girl wondering, “is that all there is?” (Not unlike some actors playing Stanley these days, though I’m not naming names, Gomez.)

Let’s just say that it’s over and done with, and that I learned a thing or two from Blanche Bubois. Mainly that she’s a nutcase, and that depending on the kindness of strangers is for suckers. I mean I’d never met that meshugener who calls himself a theater critic. Not once. Which makes him a stranger. I think you know what I’m saying. Oy.

But, no matter. I am on to bigger and better things. As of this weekend, I can call myself Bitch!’s Semi-Annual/Quasi-Amateur/Demi-National Strip Trivia Champ! It’s true. I learned a thing or two there, as well. Did y’all know that more folks die from donkeys than from plane crashes? I KNOW! No, I mean I really do know that. It wasn’t one of the things I learned. That’s how I won and took the title right out from under Nancy Grace’s nose. And if you’ve seen those nostrils (they get bigger with every face lift, I swear), you can appreciate how scary the whole thing was.
Onward, and upward, folks!

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