Hello, lovelies!

Y’all, I ‘m real-real excited about next week! Mean Mama Dog is hosting an event to raise what they love to call funds (most folks just call it money) for the movie about my life. I KNOW! They’ve assembled a group of rockin’ artists to sell their wares: paintings, drawings, photographs, sculpture, and some other surprises, too. It’s gonna damn ROCK! So, if you’re in The Big Peach, The ATL, Hotlanta, come!! Sip wine, guzzle beer, and buy art!

Saturday, August 6th from 6 to 9 PM.
(It’s early, so you don’t have to miss your late-night plans for drunken debauchery. Or sleeping.)

Now, invite your pals (ones with lots of dough-ray-me and/or good juju), then look this up on Mapquest so you won’t be late!

(it’s in Grant Park)
584 Woodward Avenue
Atlanta, GA 30312

See you there, lovelies.

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