GILDA SUE MOVIE! Principal Photog Now Underway! (No turning back now!)

The day has come and gone, y’all, and I didn’t give it the appropriate fanfare. Super sorry to keep you out of the loop. It’s just that things have been real-real crazy.

The good folks at Mean Mama Dog and I have been talking about and planning this movie about my life for damn ever. We’ve been thinking of our future together, and all of the sudden the future was then. Like NOW. It was upon me in a terrifyingly NOW sort of way. That was last week. The NOW is already a THEN. We’ve had two days of shooting now. But, no matter. We have tons left to do. And when I say “tons,” what I really mean is “TONS!” Oy, it’s scary making a movie about your life, y’all, but real-real worth it. It’s aaaalllll about me. That rocks!

From now on, though, I’m totally going to keep y’all super posted. Here’s the rundown:

Reid Stegall is looking at my life through his camera, and Cayce Means is listening at my life on some head sets, and TL Smith is documenting at my life with her pen and paper. They all rock the ever-lovin’ casbah for all the stuff they do.

OK. Stay tuned. Meanwhile, here’s a photo of me I stole from the wardrobe people.

Bye now!

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