Colonel Bruce Hampton (Ret.) joins Team Gilda Sue!


No, I have no idea what that means, or who Zambi is. But I do know who Frank Zappa is. Well, sort of. And he, apparently, loved Bruce Hampton, also known as The Master of Mayhem. At least that was what Bruce always told me. But that was years ago when I used to be a rock n’ roll groupie. (I’d say “more about that later” but there will be no more about that later. Oy!) The Colonel is what someone once called a “surrealist musician.” I have no idea what that means either, but he’s a total legend in the music world, and he’s been in movies, too. Even one with Billy Bob Thornton!

Anyway, y’all, here’s what I’m getting at: The Colonel, the OUTkeeper of the asylum, the Duke of the OUTsane, the OUTerpreter of OUTension is going to be in the movie about my life. I KNOW! It rocks! It’s OUTcredible! (This is all Bruce-speak, lovelies. Well, sort of. I may be OUTventing some words, adding to the dictionary I learned during my few years of regular social OUTercourse with the doctor of OUTernal medicine. But, you get it, right?) We at Mean Mama Dog are real-real excited, and you should be, too.

So much fun news to share! Stay tuned for more! And, Brato Ganibe, y’all!

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