So Those Mayans Were Right!

What about that, y’all? The world has come to an end!

At least mine has. And by that I mean my new world has begun!

Not like a “new world order” or anything. In fact, there’s nothing super orderly about it. If you want to know the truth, it was really and truly born of complete chaos.

Folks, don’t knock chaos. Chaos gets a bad rap. But truth to tell, some chaos — like the chaos of losing “control” and telling everyone and everything around you what’s what (just as an example) — (A) is just as much fun as it sounds, (B) actually makes you feel more in control than out, and (C) is a super good idea. You’ll know what I mean if you just give it a try. Go ahead.

Now, these “episodes” (as Gomez calls them) may feel just the teensiest bit like lunacy while you’re in the middle of them (which is also just as much fun as it sounds), but it’s the aftermath that’s important, and the aftermath can sometimes totally rock. In the aftermath you may see that you’ve weeded out all the drek that was holding you back, and that you’ve been catapulted into a whole new (and sometimes) better place.

Of course in the aftermath you may also see that you’re in the unemployment line, or that your Daddy has cut you off, or that you’ve lost your best pal and/or a bottle of Drambuie careening down a dirt road somewhere on the outskirts of town in your old prom dress, a completely ruined mani-pedi, and a stolen Oldsmobile piloted by that has-been high school quarter back What’s-His-Name Spingler the night of your class reunion. But chances are that even these things are really just little blessings in disguise. Don’t ask for details, folks. Just trust me.

The point is that here I am in the aftermath, and the movie about my life is in full swing! I KNOW! It’s so exciting!

Y’all, we still need tons of help, by the way, and by “tons of help” I mean whatever you’ve got, we’ll take it, so spread the word!

Thanks a ton, and Happy End of the World!


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