And Away We Go!

Making the movie about my life, ya know!

Hello, Lovelies!

How much have you missed me? Oy! I swear to goodness, if I’m not the busiest half-Jewish girl in Puppetland, I don’t know who is.


Marcus Calloway

First- Help me welcome Marcus Calloway to Team Gilda Sue. I could not be tickled any pinker to have this gentleman on board this cruiser we love to call The Gilda Sue Rosenstern Computer Internet Show, The Movie! He’s our new producer. He’s also a real mensch, and he’s making things happen! More to come. I can’t wait to tell y’all the latest about the movie of my life! (But I will wait. For just a bit more.)

B- Get ready for the new season of The Gilda Sue Rosenstern Computer Internet Show, The Web Series! We are so super-excited to get started, so we’ll do just that this coming week. We’ve got some real-real cute interviewees lined up for this season. It’s what I love to do best, folks. I just love talking to cute people who talk back. Remember the interviews from seasons past? There was the one with that musical duo, The Brilliant Inventions who later became Eliot Bronson and Josh Lamkin. (How much do you think those meshugeners had had to drink before they met up with me that night, by the way? I know how much they had after!) Then there was the one with that other lyric-driven pop duo Nathan Beaver and Ryan Rockett. (Does anybody know what became of those two? Are they continuing to misrepresent their racial heritage to talk show hostesses on the computer Internet, I wonder?)

Mira Hirsch
Richard Garner and The Bard

III- Fast Forward to now! A new production team means increased production values. We look and sound terrific, folks! So, next up: The Georgia Shakespeare Festival’s Artistic Director Richard Garner, and Theatrical Outfit’s rockin’ lady theater director, Mira Hirsch.

Then there are these two super-cute, up-and-coming comics coming through town in July:  

Mike Lawrence
Tom Simmons

Mike Lawrence (from Conan!), and Tom Simmons (from a buncha places).

I have dates with both of those boys while they are here performing their super-funny, stand up monologues at this place called The Laughing Skull Lounge. (I KNOW!)

D- As we’re knocking out these rockin’ new episodes, we’ll be busy bringing my very life to you in feature film format. (Which is not as hard as “they” say, but magic like this does take a little while to brew, folks. Patience is a virtue, y’all. Geez!)  

Stay tuned. It’s all going to totally rock!

Thanks a ton, and Cheers!

-Gilda Sue!

P.S. If y’all have any burning questions you’d like me to put to any of these folks, let me know! (Thumbs up!)

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