Strutting and Fretting Our Hour upon the Stage, But Y’all Will Totally Keep Hearing from Gilda Sue!

Me with Richard Garner. A tad meshugeh, but still a real mentsch.

Hello, lovelies!

Here are some images from the first episode of our rockin’ new season. I interviewed Richard Garner, The Georgia Shakespeare Festival’s artistic director. (Yes, I said Georgia. Yes, I said Shakespeare. And yes, I meant to put them together.) We talked about Shakespeare, the uvula, and stuff like that.

Ga Shakespeare Fest is super pretty.
A hard-working crew!

Turns out, they do some real-real cute theater there. Y’all should go. Visit their web site to learn more and to buy tickets to a play or three. (P.S. you can drink there. Yes, alcohol!)

2012 is just getting better and better, folks! Stay tuned! Actual new episodes coming soon!

Granny taught me never to show up without a bottle of something.
Gomez: “You look like Barney Fife and Thelma Lou.”
Me: “We look like we rock!”

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