Film Fundraising on Indiegogo! Be a Part of The Next Big Thing!


What? What I mean is–

Hello, lovelies!

Y’all, we at Mean Mama Dog Productions are super-duper excited to announce a new fundraising campaign for the movie about my life! I KNOW!

As some of you may know, we began filming the movie about my life last fall, but we ran out of American dollars. Now, we don’t really need tons of money to make this movie about my life, but we do need some. There aren’t any car chases, explosions, sword fights, or extra-terrrestrials– wait. Hold on, There may actually be an extra-terrestrial or two. I mean, maybe not. At present, we aren’t real-real sure what in the world those folks actually are. It remains to be seen.

If you want to find out what in the world those folks actually are, give us some of your hard-earned cash so we can make the darn movie and show everyone, including you what those darn folks actually are. Maybe.

Here’s my point: go to our Indiegogo page. Check out all the cool “perks” we offer contributors. And, most important, PLEASE PASS IT ON! Use that little Facebook icon to share it. Tweet it. E-mail it to all your coolest friends, you know, the ones who like super-cute independent film.

Thanks a ton, y’all!


-Gilda Sue