The Vagazzle Heard Around the World!

Hello, lovelies!

Those of y’all who don’t do the blogging thing may not know that there’s a way we bloggers can see which posts get a lot of visits, and what part of the world readers are visiting from. 

Studying those statistics have led me to understand that folks in the British Isles LOVE vagazzling. Or are real-real fixated on it. Or are super-terrified of it? I don’t know, but 90% of the meshuggners who click onto my 2010 post about this very topic ( are from the British Isles.

What’s that about? If you are Irish or British (and if you’ve found this blog entry, I feel pretty certain that you are) please let me know what’s going on over there? Are you all vagazzlers? Wanna-be vagazzlers? What gives? Leave your comment here and enlighten me!

Thanks, lovelies!’