My New Catch Phrase!!!

Hello, lovelies!

I’m real-real excited to announce my new catch phrase. I’ve been searching and searching ever since the Paula Deen incident. (Oy!)

My new catch phrase is inspired by my love of Drambuie, “the drink that satisfies.”

Drambuie was my Granny O’Donahue’s favorite, and we would always have one before hitting the hay. Well, we’d have one, then she’d say “Can’t fly on just one wing!” and then we’d have another. Sometimes it took us three wings to get off the couch and into the bed. Ah. . . memories.

So, inspired by Granny’s (and my) love of Drambuie, I’ve decided that my new catch phrase is “the half-Jew that satisfies.

Don’t y’all love it?!


Or should it be “the half-shikse that satisfies” . . .?


Maybe I still need your help.

What do y’all think? Which should it be?

Cheers, y’all. And thanks!

Next time y'all need to look like a rock star for the cover of Jewtopia Monthly, Josh Lamkin should take your picture!