So Much Gilda Sue, So Little Time!


I’m not usually one to succumb to feelings of guilt, oddly enough. I suppose the half-Baptist side (the side that has come to terms with being born bad, the side that has gotten pretty comfortable in the rotten skin of an inevitable sinner) has sort of outweighed the half-Jewish side (the side always wanting to turn back the clock and get a do-over, if not to impress The Actual Almightly, to impress the gals down at the spa). I think I probably should feel guitly about not having any new episodes of The Gilda Sue Rosenstern Computer Internet Show web series in ages and damn ages. But I’m just up to my eyeballs in  movie making, y’all. I wish to Moses that I had enough time in the day to do it all, but I just don’t, so something had to give, and as sad as I am about it (if not shamed), that something has been the show.

But nobody likes a kvetch, right? Instead, I’m celebrating how super busy I am with a ‘tini or three and sharing some oldies-but-goodies for us all to munch on while we put together an even better bit of Gilda Sue adventure. It’s real-real hard making a movie about your life, but super worth it. Slowly but surely we are churning out a good hour and a half of what some might love to call “gospel according to Gilda Sue.” So stay tuned! It’s going to damn rock!

Oh, and stay tuned some more, because we’re also going to put together an honest-to-goodness TV show that will take the paint off the walls, that’s how hard it’s going to damn rock!

Thanks for your understanding, lovelies.

With love, enthusiasm, all good vibes, and a ‘tini or six,

Gilda Sue!

P.S. Here’s one of my favorites!