“The Movie About My Very Life Rages On” OR “Looking For Mr. Handle Bar”

Hello, Lovelies!

Greetings form Movieland! Take a look at my movie date with Mr. Right! We didn’t have a bicycle built for two, but then neither did Paul Newman and Katherine Ross, and they remain iconic cinematic lovers to this day. (We had a teensy bit of trouble, it’s true. But it’ll be fine. Don’t plotz, y’all!)

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-Gilda Sue

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The Movie About My Very Life

Hello, Lovelies!

Greetings from an honest-to-goodness movie set. That’s right. The Gilda Sue Rosenstern Computer Internet Show movie is back on track.


This past weekend, my small-but-fabulous crew met up at a camper van back behind the Farmers Market to shoot a small-but-fabulous scene for the movie about my very life. Y’all, it rained, but it also rocked.

ImageThis time Colonel Bruce Hampton of surrealist (absurdist?) rock-n-roll (blues/country/jazz?) musical fame joined in the fun. We didn’t think the movie about my very life could get weirder, y’all, but we were wrong. The Colonel brought much-welcomed weirdness. Thank God. (Thank Bruce!)

IMG_1378Deb Evans, whose van made it all possible, was our hostess with the mostess. Folks, I couldn’t be more grateful for her.

I’d also like to thank Tom Roche, John Prew, Pe’lar Bell, and Josh Williamson for being good humored, resourceful, creative, and above all, real-real cute. My life is nothing without y’all!

Stay tuned folks. More to come!