Groundhog Day and Black History Month!

Hello, Lovelies!
I love this time of year! We’re all getting ready for the hooplah of Groundhog day at our house. And, ever since my cousin Dottie (on my mama’s side) hooked up with her partner, Tamika, we have a new tradition at the Rosenstern Groundhog Day dinner! To kick off Black History Month, we have a keg of Negro Modelo beer, and Tamika’s festive, gourmet covered dishes of Bara-ccoli Obama and Condaleeza Rice. Then, Daddy dresses up like George Washington Carver because he is the official carver of the blackened Ham, and we listen to Afro-Klezmer Funk Underground records all day!
Share your family Groundhog Day and Black History Month traditions with us here! And a freylekhn yontev!
-Gilda Sue

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