"A Farewell To Fans" or "Diverstiy Awareness Week"

Hello, Lovelies.
I have recently become aware of the shocking fact that The Gilda Sue Rosenstern Computer Internet Show has lost some fans due to some objections to my use of the words “Mexican” and “black” and “groundhog”. My first thought was that these folks must be racists who cannot abide reading anything at all about “colored people.” But, I’ve come to believe that these folks are simply too “open-minded” to not be super duper uncomfortable about anything written about “people of color.” Well, to them I say: Folks, Mexicans are aware that they are Mexican (shorn smooth or not), and black folks are aware that they are black. I am aware that the idea of groundhogs being aware of anything (even their shadows, much less their “selves”) is a matter of debate (especially among Christians and squirrels), but I’ve never known one to be anything but embarrassingly self-conscious (not unlike some of you, I fear).
In any case, farewell, former friends and fans. I raise my drambuie-tini to you and to our short but joyous time together. If there is life after political correctness, I’m sure we’ll meet again.
Meanwhile, I’ll be here partying with the Mexicans, blacks, Brazilians, Jews, heathens, groundhogs, squirrels, and, quite frankly, anybody who brings a hearty laugh and, with any luck, a little bottle of something that rocks big!
Bye, now!
-Gilda Sue

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