The Computer Internet Show MOVIE!

As some of y’all already know, the folks at Mean Mama Dog are making a movie about me and my ongoing quest for fame, fortune, cosmic truth, a good man, and a real real rockin’ cocktail. (You can already tell how much it’s gonna rock!) Nunzia of Nunzia’s Nail Nest will be there, as well as Mama, and we’re gonna spend a real lotta time at my favorite little cafe, Bitch! Y’all are going to get to meet some of my other friends, AND a mysterious stranger helps me out of a pickle . . . The suspense is killing me!

BUT, Mean Mama Dog is a lean mama dog, and we’re gonna need your help to get this thing done. Luckily, it’s easy for you to give us some much needed cash. Just click HERE! Give a little and get a little perk. Give a lot and get perked a lot. See how it works?

Thanks a ton in advance, lovelies! And spread the good word!


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