Strip Trivia and Nancy Grace at Bitch!

Y’all, join us at Bitch!, my favorite little cafe, for Strip Trivia Night every Tuesday and Thursday. It totally rocks.
If you missed last night’s fun, let me tell you, it was wild and woolly, as anyone who knows Nancy Grace can attest. Yes, this week Nancy was on our team. Unfortunately–and I say unfortunately because of the very nature of the rules of Strip Trivia–Nancy is just not a real real good trivia player. All she really knows about is abducted girls and celebrity law suits. Or lip waxing. Oy, she knows enough about lip waxing to fill a book. Give her two Drambuie margaritas and you’ll hear all about it. Anyway, she was losing for us in a big way, and we were all down to our knickers, and it was her turn to remove an item of clothing, when all Hell broke loose. It might be important to know going in that it is against Strip Trivia rules to opt to remove your wig when it’s your turn to remove your padded push-up bra. Apparently, Nancy was unaware of this rule, and being that she was stark raving drunk at the time, she made quite a nearly-naked scene. I swear I have never seen nostrils so big, not even on Nancy. She was livid! And just as she was poised to slingshot bar peanuts at the officials with Anderson Cooper’s thong, she passed out.
Eventually Wolf Blitzer showed up lamenting how he was having to once again drag Nancy Grace out of Bitch! but nobody seemed to be able to drag the bitch out of Nancy Grace.
All this to say, join us at Bitch!’s next Strip Trivia Night. You will not be sorry you did . . . unless, of course, they lift Nancy Grace’s ban and she ends up on your team.

See y’all there!

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