Gilda Sue and Dr. Who!

Y’all, I just got back from Atlanta’s Sci Fi Summer Con 2010, and let me tell you, we had a real real rockin’ time! For those not in the know, “Sci Fi” is short for Science Fiction, and “Con” is short for convention. Now, there was definitely a lot of convening, and I did definitely brush up against some fiction. There were authors there with books filled with fiction, and really and truly, I believe I met a few people who were fictional, too (much like myself), but I’m not super duper sure where the science was. Now, I’m not super sciency. Not at all. But I do remember science class from my school days, and we had beakers to fill, and bunson burners to light up, and frogs to cut apart. (Although, it’s good to know that they won’t actually make you do that last part if you cry.) There wasn’t any of that at this convention. Or “con.” You’re supposed to say “con,” y’all. In any case, I met Dr. Who, Dr. Strange, at least one Rock-a-billy Hall of Famer, a pizza delivery man soon to be a best selling author, a blue gorilla who could slap a mean upright bass, a gentleman diabolist, and no fewer than three Klingons. All in one damn day! Stay tuned for a new episode featuring all the meshugas at the con, and look forward to me doing more of these. They damn rock!

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