Leap Year Means an Extra Day of Rockin’ for Gilda Sue AND Ellen Degeneres!

Did y’all know that 2012 is a Leap Year? I don’t know what could be more real-real exciting. I’ve spent the last 24 hours deciding what I’m going to do with that extra 24 hours.

To those who are thinking that I’ve already spent my extra 24 hours by planning my 24 hours which I technically now don’t really have, I say, “Y’all are missing the point totally, and I’m pretty sure you’re doing on purpose. What ever happened to that resolution to be less of a smarty panties? Oy!”

To the rest of you I say, “My goals for the year are simple: (1) To make a movie about my life, (2) to record a smash hit musical song, (C) to make a super-viral musical video that no medicine in even Dr. Bill Feelgood Gates’s bag can eradicate from your Internet machine, (D) this thing. (I KNOW!) With this extra day, I add (E) to be Ellen Degeneres’s co-hostess for a day on her show which is called, oddly enough, The Ellen Degeneres Show.”

The beauty of goal E (For Ellen!) is that (a) it’s so going to happen, and (II) it will totally make goals 1 through D possible.

I’m so tickled I’m pink!

Y’all can all help make these things possible. I know your lives are super busy, and it’s hard to find time for all the extra stuff folks ask you to do, but now you’ve got a whole extra day to do it. Start by cheering me on and spreading The Gospel According to Gilda Sue via any and all of your social networking neighborhoods, then by donating cash HERE, then by telling Ellen how much I rock and how much she’s missing out by not having me co-host with her for a day. (It’s just one day. A Leap Year day, even. Jeez. It’s like God gave her an extra day SPECIFICALLY for this purpose! What else is she gonna do with it?) Here’s her contact info!

What are y’all going to do with YOUR extra day?

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