Gilda Sue: The Chosen

OK, y’all, so I auditioned for the part of Blanche Dubois and I GOT IT! That’s right, Lake Tar Monkey Summertime Theater Repertory Company Under The Stars But Not WITH the Stars, We Don’t Have That Much Money (YET!) is doing A Streetcar Named Desire and THEY PICKED ME to do that part! I KNOW! It’s going to totally rock, isn’t it?

I’m real real excited.

There’s only one tiny little something that may be a bit of a problem, and that’s that Gomez will be playing the part of Stanley. (I know.) Now, I don’t know if y’all have noticed, but it’s super possible that Gomez has a tiny hate-crush on me. But, we’re professionals. Sort of. I mean we won’t actually be paid money, but you know what I mean. We’ll ACT like professionals because we’ll already be acting anyway, right? I think it’ll be fine.

I’ll keep you posted! AND I’ll totally break my leg, I swear!

Bye, now!