Gilda Sue’s Mail Bag! "Saved by The Bell"

Hello, lovelies! This is the first non-video* installment of Gilda Sue’s Mail Bag, which will be a part of The Bleu Stockings (The Rogue Woman’s Guide to Unperfection) blog. Viewers and readers can ask me anything they want. Anything at all. (I KNOW!)

Our first missive is from Father Patrick Fitzpatrick of The Sister Mary Frances School for Underage and Guileless Boys in Pawhuska, Oklahoma. The father writes:

I’ve been following your advice with regard to dealing with uncomfortable feelings, and I’ve just been pushing them deep, deep down. It almost works. But not really. I fear there will come a day when I will actually have to face my demons. And if what all these Protestants are saying is true, that day is fast approaching. Judgement Day could be as close as next Saturday, May 21st! What do you think?

Oh, well, I guess I should’ve gotten to that a tad sooner. Sorry, Father.

Oy! OK.

A) I assume, when you say “these protestants” you mean this guy that I found on this CNN site, right?

So then, B) What I think is, no, I don’t believe this Judgement Day thing is going to happen, hon. At least it isn’t going to happen last Saturday. And if that Rob Bell is to be believed, it won’t really matter if it does happen last Saturday. Or any Saturday, for that matter. And they write articles about him in Time Magazine and stuff! (I KNOW!)

But more important, hon, is thirdly, or C) If those uncomfortable feelings keep bubbling up to the surface, you do need to deal with them. And you may need to admit you need help, which is sometimes real-real hard for folks. I find that a hot Drambuie-tini with a chocolate-caramel swirl garnish always helps me.

Bottoms up, Father Pat! (And by that, I just mean “cheers,” okay? Oy! )

Keep your questions coming, folks. Leave a comment below or send a private query HERE! I look forward to hearing from you!

Bye, now.

*Click HERE for the Gilda Sue’s Mail Bag episode on The Computer Internet Show, y’all.

The Bleu Stockings! The Rogue Woman’s Guide To Un-Perfection.

Y’all, I’ve been asked to contribute to a woman’s magazine. Well, sort of like a magazine. A blog about women’s issues and concerns and what not. Only it’s on the computer Internet!

Get ready for Gilda Sue’s Mail Bag on THE BLEU STOCKINGS!

Ask me anything you want. It’s no holds barred, y’all! Advice on sex and love, insight into religion and politics, celebrity questions, automobile concerns, pet trouble, dental worries, dating, child rearing (those last two are often the same) . . .it goes on and on. Send your questions to me here and read the answers there.

I’ll let you know when my first column is in.

See ya there! Thanks, lovelies!