Putting the Brakes on the Speed Dating

Oy gevalt! from The Gulf – Lake Tar Monkey – Vacay Central!
Well, lovelies, “Monkey in the Round,” Lake Tar Monkey’s speed dating tournament has ended, for the love of Moses! I did have my third date, and I thought three would be the charm. This man was handsome and funny and rich. A doctor. I KNOW! He was a gentleman who knew how to tip. And not a bad kisser, I might add. We danced and dined. It was so easy to be with him, and we both had this crazy feeling that we’d met before. We found out we’re from the same town, and it was such a fun game to try to figure out how we knew each other. Then, oddly enough, as we were making out in the back seat of his rental car, he realized how he knew me. Y’all, this man is my gynocologist! I KNOW! It was gratifying to have figured it out – it was really nagging me. But, just then I knew that I could never be his girl. And I wasn’t about to give up being his patient. He’s a good gyno. AND he takes coupons. Who knows where I’ll ever find that again? I politely asked him to remove his hand from my breast and take me back to the hotel. It was a disappointment, to be sure. I mean, a girl doesn’t meet a man like this every day. So, I leave my Lake Tar Monkey vacay as I came. Single. But, all is not lost. I know I’ll see him again. I’m due for my pelvic exam next month.
See y’all back home on the next Gilda Sue Rosenstern Computer Internet Show!
Bye now!

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