Hitchhiker’s Guide to Gilda Sue!

Well, lovelies, I cannot express how super excited I am about the folks who are climbing aboard Team Gilda Sue. Every time I turn around there’s somebody new and fabulous on the magic bus that is the movie about my life.

Latest passengers: Jason MacDonald and Catherine Dyer!

Y’all they are this generation’s Lunt and Fontaine. The Tracy and Hepburn of the 21st Century. The Burton and Taylor of the New half-Jewish South.

Aren’t they real-real cute?

Those highlighted links above are their super fancy IMDb pages and impressive film/t.v. credits. Check ’em out! Don’t they rock?

Y’all, it just gets better and better, doesn’t it?

Keep staying tuned for more exciting news about All Things Gilda Sue!


Props Mistress joins Team Gilda Sue!

Y’all, I’m tickled pink to introduce Lindsay Moore! (Cheers and applause!) She’s the new props gal for the movie about my life. That means she’s in charge of properties, but she’s NOT a real estate agent. She’s made/gathered/conjured/stolen stuff for the props for some super impressive professional theater companies, and she rocks! Thanks, Lindsay! We’re thrilled to have you on board!

And don’t forget to give to the cause, y’all. Spread the word, and thanks a ton!


GILDA SUE MOVIE! Principal Photog Now Underway! (No turning back now!)

The day has come and gone, y’all, and I didn’t give it the appropriate fanfare. Super sorry to keep you out of the loop. It’s just that things have been real-real crazy.

The good folks at Mean Mama Dog and I have been talking about and planning this movie about my life for damn ever. We’ve been thinking of our future together, and all of the sudden the future was then. Like NOW. It was upon me in a terrifyingly NOW sort of way. That was last week. The NOW is already a THEN. We’ve had two days of shooting now. But, no matter. We have tons left to do. And when I say “tons,” what I really mean is “TONS!” Oy, it’s scary making a movie about your life, y’all, but real-real worth it. It’s aaaalllll about me. That rocks!

From now on, though, I’m totally going to keep y’all super posted. Here’s the rundown:

Reid Stegall is looking at my life through his camera, and Cayce Means is listening at my life on some head sets, and TL Smith is documenting at my life with her pen and paper. They all rock the ever-lovin’ casbah for all the stuff they do.

OK. Stay tuned. Meanwhile, here’s a photo of me I stole from the wardrobe people.

Bye now!

Reid Stegall Joins Team Gilda!

Y’all, I couldn’t be tickled any pinker! (I’ve tried. Can’t be done!) Mean Mama Dog Productions starts shooting the movie about my life NEXT WEEK! I KNOW! It’s a dream come true, in so many ways. It’s actually my life’s dream to have a movie about my life. And the life that the movie is about, is that dream life come true. I KNOW! Crazy!

The BIG NEWS is that we actually have a guy to hold the camera and push the record button now, which even if you’ve never made a movie about your life you know is a thing that just damn rocks! Every movie ever made has to have that guy, and now that we have one — and not just ANY guy to hold the camera and push the record button, but THE RIGHT guy to hold the camera and push the record button — we can get rolling. So we raise a glass of Drambuie and Diet Sprite to Reid! Cheers! And as they’ve said since movies began, “ROLL ‘EM!”

Oh, P.S. If you want to rock as hard as Reid does, you can start by going HERE and helping us out by giving us some of your hard-earned, easily-lost cash! XO!

Love and The Famously Self-Rightous, Unaccountably Irresponsible T.V. Star!

First, let me say I heard that the Stone Soup Kitchen Art Show/Fund Raiser for the movie about my life went absolutely gang-busters. The folks at Mean Mama Dog Productions were super thrilled. They raised some money, and apparently had a rockin’ good time. The folks at Stone Soup Kitchen went above and beyond the call of duty, making tasty snacks and being all-around great hosts. So thanks a ton to them and to everyone who came out to participate!

Second, let me apologize for not actually attending the event. See, CNN’s Nancy Grace came over that morning, y’all, to kvetch about her man David, who says he will never change diapers for those twins again. Ever. Oy! So we drank a few pitchers of Drambuie Sangria I discovered in my fridge, and I found it super easy to agree with Nancy’s assessment that her husband is a total schlemiel. I mean, what kind of man makes babies with CNN’s Nancy Grace, anyway? Well, we got carried away and ended up at Swinging Richard’s, that place with the naked dancing boys. I KNOW! I swore I’d never go back after last time, but Nancy insisted. You know how she is.

Anyway, we were doing body shots off of this hot Brazilian scooter hawker (Eber!) we met out in back of the club (he helped me hold Nancy’s wig while she vomited into Anderson Cooper’s gym bag a few hours earlier, just before she got her second wind) when I realized how late it was, and that I needed to skeedadle! But what was I to do about this barely conscious, stark-raving drunk Nancy Grace? Luckily, just then, Nancy’s cell phone rang. It was her worried twins asking if they needed to come pick their mama up, to which I answered, “God, yes!” Turns out those brats are already thirteen and driving their very own Porsche Turbo Cabriolet (which explains David’s firm and, quite frankly, reasonable diaper duty decision).

The Wonder Twins, Lucy Elizabeth and John David, arrived just as Eber and Andy revved up the Mini Cooper and zoomed away singing what I think was “I Want To Be Loved By You” in Portuguese. Little Lucy dragged CNN’s Nancy Grace into the backseat of the Porsche while John David fished the keys to his mama’s Lincoln Town Car out of her garter belt, and those little twins piloted those two vehicles just like seasoned professional Adult Children of Famously Self-Righteous and Unaccountably Irresponsible T.V. Star Parents. So cute.

It was at about this time that I powered up my flip phone and saw that the Mean Mama Dog folks had been calling and texting me for hours, wondering where the heck the sangria was. (RIGHT! I knew there was an actual specific reason I’d made that stuff!) So I zoomed on over to the event, but, by the time my bus pulled up to the cafe, it was all over.

Third, please forgive my absence that night. I’m real-real grateful to every single one of you, and I hope we can all do it again real-real soon. And when I say “all,” I mean almost all. And when I say “it,” I mean something totally different. And when I say “soon,” I mean before the twins restore CNN’s Nancy Grace’s driving privileges.

Next time, y’all!


The Computer Internet Show MOVIE!

As some of y’all already know, the folks at Mean Mama Dog are making a movie about me and my ongoing quest for fame, fortune, cosmic truth, a good man, and a real real rockin’ cocktail. (You can already tell how much it’s gonna rock!) Nunzia of Nunzia’s Nail Nest will be there, as well as Mama, and we’re gonna spend a real lotta time at my favorite little cafe, Bitch! Y’all are going to get to meet some of my other friends, AND a mysterious stranger helps me out of a pickle . . . The suspense is killing me!

BUT, Mean Mama Dog is a lean mama dog, and we’re gonna need your help to get this thing done. Luckily, it’s easy for you to give us some much needed cash. Just click HERE! Give a little and get a little perk. Give a lot and get perked a lot. See how it works?

Thanks a ton in advance, lovelies! And spread the good word!